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Stockists of
New season clothing & accessories to keep you warm in the cold weather

The Tubtrug challenge

We at cedars have set ourselves a task of finding 101 uses for the Tubtrugs.

We have a few examples that we have thought of and would like to turn it into a competition.

We would like you to take part and send in all your useful and unusual ways you use your Tubtrugs, there will be a prize of a Tubtrug full of goodies for the winners.

You can either send your entries on our Facebook page or email them across to us.

The closing day will be when we have received the 101 entries, limited to 2 photos each, so get sending.



Here at Cedars we are pleased to announce we have the new autumn and winter colours from our Noble range.

We are also very excited to inform everyone that we now stock mens Noble wear, these include fashionable tops, jackets and breeches.

We hope you will agree when you come in and take a look.



Follow Tuffa

Last week I gave you a look at some of our Tuffa products. This week let me expand a little about a couple of styles you may find useful in the cold day ahead.

First we have the Suffolk boot ideal for the country from dog walking to school runs. It has a waxed water repellent nubuck leather upper with a wool lining.

Secondly the Nordic Waterproof to protect your feet from the cold wet weather an ideal  yard boot for the winter. The microfibre upper is stronger than leather and is lined with a waterproof “bootie” membrane. This boot also has Du Pont “Comfort Max” insulation.
Pop in and try!!



Hey we are coming into colder days and need to keep our feet warm and dry.

At Cedars we have a range of Tuffa 

Boots from insulated muckers, composite-toe cap yard boots, through to long boots in a choice of leg widths in black or tan.

Clogs as well! Also plenty of choice in warm socks from our Noble range.





Cedars Welcomes Sue

My name is Sue and I am the newest member of Staff to join the Cedars team, my aim going into the autumn is to welcome customers old and new to introduce them to the new product lines.

Due to arrive in September are our new Noble colours and styles for the autumn and winter.

We stock a large range of Tuffa boots from clogs to nordic boots and some lovely long boots in a choice of colours, black or tan with different leg widths. 

So do pop in and say hi as some of you will recognise me from many years ago when shows were held and I took entries and ran the shop on Sundays.


Lynford Hall Hotel


Let me introduce myself, my name is Tracey and I run Cedars Country and Equestrian. My daughter Katie  set up cedars in May 2016  and has run it  successfully for the first year .

Katie has now gone on to pastures new so we would like to say thank you and good luck in your new job.

So to carry on with the good job Katie has done I have had to take over Cedars Country and Equestrian, and Sue will be joining us in September.

1st step.

Learning how to do Facebook and blogs,  don’t know how long this will take but I will give it a try.

Cedars had been invited to Lynford Hall again this year to see the noble outfitters new spring and summer collection 2018.

Lynford Hall Hotel is set in the heart of Thetford Forest , what a beautiful setting to see the up and coming clothing that everyone will want to be seen in.

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It was nice to be one of the first people to see the new stock and colours and to feel the quality of the products.

There is a new range of colours for the calf peddies sock range and perfect fit gloves.I was impressed with the giraffe socks ,but they only have them in children’s sizes.


There are some new colours for the balancing tights which have already proved to be popular in cedars for the comfort and fit. The new colours are brown/graphite and plum/orchard.

There is a new top for all you dressage and show fans, the Victoria long sleeve pull on show shirt. The customer can choose the pattern on the collar, it has a anti microbial finish, decorative mesh back panel for added breathability.

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I have found a quote from Noble Outfitters

“Noble Outfitters is designed to help you live the life you ride, all weathers all rides.

Our equestrian clothing and equipment give you quality, innovation and durability at prices that will make you smile”

I think this sums up the product, we at Cedars have worn the nobles brand and are impressed with the clothing and the range which is on offer.

Cedars will soon have the new autumn and winter range in stock, please come in and try the product and see for yourselves ,you wont be disappointed.

Cedars Country and Equestrian is situated within Witcham Equestrian Centre and Fen Farm Supplies at Mepal Road .Witcham.

Call in a grab yourself a bargain.

New Fly Rug

Have you seen Cedars Country & Equestrians new fly rug with a difference?

Recently we have brought out a new fly rug, this is Sheldon’s new all in one fly rug with waterproof upper. This new rug is brilliant for the unpredictable summer months as there’s no need to keep swapping rugs over during the changing weather conditions.
Not realising how popular these rugs to be and at £29.99 they’re excellent value for money we’ve already sold out and had to re-order stock with a new batch which has just come into Cedars Country and Equestrian now. The Sheldon all in one combo fly rug fuses a high grade light fly mesh with a waterproof 600 denier ripstop upper. The rug also has full coverage belly coverage, elasticated leg straps and ripstop shoulder pleats for easy movement.

If your horse needs a new fly rug for this summer this is an essential piece for your horses wardrobe and I’m proud to say it is in stock at Cedars, searching for new innovative products and brands for horse and rider.

“Great value for money rug, such a good idea”
“Love the neck on this rug, some can be too long”
“Lovely lightweight rug, the waterproof top is a brilliant idea”
“Super rug, fitted well and stayed in place, really happy with it”

The Cedars Film Competition

Have you seen our new video montage competition?

Our website officially launched in February and is being viewed by more people than we ever hoped for. As a result we are now putting together a video montage for our home page. So far we have had a fantastic range of entries, including people displaying a wide range of riding styles, yard duties and even a lovely short clip of a horse having his moustache trimmed.

For your chance to win send over a small clip of you or your friends (with their permission) enjoying the equestrian lifestyle. This could be you and your horse hacking or competing, grooming your horse, mucking out or your horse playing in the field preferably in any of the brands we supply in store (all our brands are listed on our brands page).

YOU STAND A CHANCE TO WIN A £50 Noble Outfitters voucher
to spend in Cedars

The lucky winner will be picked out at random, the competition will close on the 30th April and we will try and put up as many clips as possible. You can send over video footage through Facebook messenger, email, or deliver your footage in store which we can upload. Please try to make any clips less than 30 seconds long. We are very excited to be putting this video together and the opportunity to let our customers and followers be a part of our website. Happy filming everybody.

Noble Outfitters new spring/summer collection is here

Cedars Country & Equestrians new spring/ summer collection is now available in store. From clothing to a wide range of breeches, gloves and socks this new collection of exciting new products just shows how much Noble Outfitters is expanding.

We have new styles of the ever popular Ashley Performance tops, one in a pretty Hyacinth colour with mesh underarms in a watercolour floral design and a new colour in mint with a lace effect floral design. The Ashley performance shirts are perfect for the changeable weather in spring, they have mesh underarms and breathable fabric to keep you cool, the fabric also have opti-dry technology which regulates your body temperature, keeping you cooler when its hot and warmer when its colder weather.

The Balance riding breeches Cedars Country & Equestrian have in stock has now quadrupled in size due to them growing in popularity and demand. The sizes range from small to extra large with extra small and extra extra large available to order. The new colours in stock are pacific blue, grey asphalt, navy as well as a navy patterned design and a black and purple patterned design, giving equestrians a better choice of the range. These riding tights have a wonderful stretch giving you a flattering fit, they are extremely comfortable and have a pocket on the side thigh which is big enough to hold a standard I phone.

By far my favourite new pieces are the new perfect fit gloves which now come in a funky purple print and a blue and teal print. The new cool mesh glove in lime punch is an excellent colour and perfect for when going out hacking, they make signalling so much clearer due to the bright colour.

I congratulate Noble Outfitters for the innovative designs they keep coming up with, we have already placed an order for the Autumn/Winter collection which has a even bigger range of new products and existing items in new colours.

Their spring/summer collection we’re stocking also includes new colours in the Hailey long sleeve tops and a range of caps in different colours.

Making spring brighter for equestrians,

Katie xx

Why the right hat is so important

Although a few riders don’t it is now a given that a majority of riders will wear an approved up to standard riding hat every time they get on a horse. They protect your most vital component and save your head from potential knocks, blows and scrapes.

During Beta International 2017 here at Cedars Country & Equestrian we took notes on a seminar run by managing director Roy Burek as he explained the safety protocol Charles Owen participated in to receive the BSI kitemark, why it is so important to get a hat that suits your head shape and what they are doing to exceed there safety standards.


For Charles Owen to obtain the BSI kitemark they have initial product assessments, factory assessments, annual testing of all there hats and batch testing of eight out of every three thousand hats. These tests though tough regulations ensure you are wearing a helmet that will sufficiently protect your head.

Every helmet will fit a slightly different head shape. The most common head shape is oval which the V8’s, 4Stars and young jockey skulls are designed for. Round heads are more suited to the Ayre8’s and the Competitor helmets. The Plagiocephaly head shape is uneven, where as the Dolichocephaly head shape is very long and narrow where the V8 is recommended.



Due to the recent way it has been advised to sleep babies on there back rather than there front is has affected the shape of their heads in later life and has related in younger riders developing a brachycephaly head shape where the head is wider and flatter at the back. Most helmets are designed to hook under the back of the head, however if the back of the head is flatter Charles owen have created different styles to fit these flatter heads. As well as there standard designs which can be fitted for you by a qualified member of staff at Cedars Country & Equestrian safely and correctly, Charles Owen also do a made to measure service and work closely with members of the RDA so anyone with an uneven or individual head shape can have a helmet that fits correctly.


Charles Owen have teamed up with Lazer, a bike company in Europe to research through three different universities different ways to prevent head and brain injuries. The brain moves and pulsates in our skulls so if an impaction occurs the brain can twist and create sheer forces. Charles Owen and Lazer are researching ways of reducing brain injuries in the future by doing tests and studies with synthetic brains.

It is amazing the amount of researching and testing Charles Owen are doing to protect equestrians heads, it is very important you get your hat fitted by a qualified hat fitter and you replace your hat if its had an impaction, everyone at Cedars Country & Equestrian are fully qualified to fit hats, you can also come into our store and check if your hat fits correctly, we do not charge for any of our hat fitting knowledge as we believe you safety is more important.

Keep your head safe. Katie 

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